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About QAntenna

QAntenna is a FLOSS software dedicated to viewing and analizing antennas and their radiation patterns. It provides the user with a 3D view of the models, capable of zooming, rotating, and more to come.

Main features

strelica Free/Libre/Open Source
strelica Multiplatform
strelica 3D viewing of models
strelica Multiple antennas at the same time
strelica Snapshot generation

QAntenna 0.2.1 released!

Check the download section!

Do you have any comments? Would you like a new feature?

The team behind QAntenna is willing to improve it as far as possible. Any comment would be much appreciated. To do so, please mail me.

You can also join the QAntenna developer team at any time, or contribute with patches/bugfixes.

QAntenna project searches for translators

QAntenna is needing help translating it's interface. So far, we have translations in Dutch, French, German, Polish, Russian and Spanish, appart from the english mainstream. If you want to help, please mail me.